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A.V. at a kiln opening

A. V. Smith, was born Alvie L. Smith in Sanford, North Carolina. A. V. began turning pottery at the age of 15 and attended university to study turning techniques, glazes and firing.  He worked at Pinehurst Pottery in 1978 making dinnerware, lamp bases, candle sticks and other items the pottery needed.   A. V. began his own  pottery in partnership with Charles Lisk in Pinehurst and Southern Pines, North Carolina.  A. V. and Charles operated Clenny Creek Pottery until 1982 when Charles moved to Hickory.  A. V.  and Charles have remained good friends by sharing their pottery knowledge and experiences.

  A. V. works with many of the traditional shapes that are common to Catawba Valley Pottery and Seagrove Pottery centers at his pottery in the Lee County countryside.  He makes all of his work with an emphasis on the functional aspect of the work. His work, however, is characterized by a love of intense color.  A. V. uses the traditional alkaline glaze in addition to many brilliant hues and colors.  Dramatic and intense flow patterns from glass fragments, dark contrasting glaze underneath on a large jug and lively bright swirlware on his pieces all testify to his love of color. All of A. V.'s pieces are hand turned and completely handmade pottery.



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